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Young Indian-Australian doctor unearth a revolutionary new way to detect breast Cancer

Dr Dharmica Mistry

Sydney, Oct 22 (UITV)- A young Indian-Australian doctor, who works as a Chief Scientist at BACL Diagnostics in Sydney, Dr Dharmica Mistry has discovered a simpler method to detect breast cancer. Her invention will undergo clinical trials next year and if successful, this could revolutionize the way young women access breast cancer testing.

She found that oil from the blood of breast cancer patients was being deposited in their hair and that a simple blood could screen for the disease. Although the teat is not yet on the market, preliminary results show a promising 90 per cent cancer detection rate.

A blood test would not only improve the role of existing screening methods like mammograms, but also revolutionize the way young women living in rural area access breast cancer testing. “People put off going to the doctors cause they don’t want to have a mammogram, they know that it’s painful and if you just knew that there was a simple blood test, I think a lot more people will get checked out.” says Dr Mistry.

Dr Mistry is an exceptional researcher who is involved in implementing life-changing medical research around early breast cancer detection that will impact upon women around the world. She dreams of significantly transforming women’s health worldwide through medical innovation are fast becoming a reality.

Dr Mistry is hoping to start clinical trials next year and to have a test in the market as soon as 2019.

In July 2016, Dr Mistry was named by Boss magazine as a Young Executive of the year. This award is the second prestigious award for her in current year. In March, she was awarded NSW Young Woman of the Year.