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20 kilos of gold & 600K euro: Police dog sniffs out haul of gold and cash in Italy

Italian police found 75 gold ingots and cash bills with a total value of 1.3 million euros in Turin. A video released by the Carabinieri, the country's domestic policing unit, showed a German shepherd dog scratching at a door of a private deposit box in the city. Inside was almost 20 kilos of gold, worth 657,000 euros and cash packed in bills totalling 600,000 euros all contained in vacuumed plastic bags. According to the Carabinieri the unusual finding was due to a routine anti-drug dealing operation which led them to inspect a self-storage deposit facility. The deposit box belongs to a 46-year-old Italian businessman and police suspect the discovery could be the proceeds of thefts and robberies.Video courtesy - RT