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Aggar Full Hindi Movie

Janhvi (Udita Goswami), a rich businesswoman is married to Dr Aditya Merchant (Shreyas Talpade), a psychiatrist. Aryan (Tusshar Kapoor), joins Janhvi’s company. Aryan has issues as an angry outburst leads him to accidentally kill his cheating girlfriend. Janhvi impulsively gets drawn into a relationship with Aryan to keep her sanity. But after her issues with her husband are resolved, she tries to break off the affair. Aryan is not willing to give her up so easily, and chases his love. However, Dr Aditya has some different plans to trap Janhvi to get her wealth. Soon Aryan comes to know the reality of Dr Aditya. Watch the movie to find out what happens next. Video Courtesy-Shemaroo Movies