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Bahaddur - Action Prince - Dhruva Sarja , Radhika Pandit , Srinivasa Murthy

Bahaddur has all the ingredients of the perfect romantic flick. Armed with a good script, director Chethan Kumar has narrated the story in a simple yet elegant way. The only drawback is its running time, which could have been trimmed by at least 20 minutes. While the first half focuses on the hero trying his best to make an impression on his lady love, the second half springs many surprises. Set in an urban milieu, the story revolves around Ashok (Dhruva Sarja), who belongs to the Bahaddur royal family. He comes to Mysore in search of an ideal girl and is smitten by the charming Anjali (Radhika Pandit). From teasing her, following her, irritating her and cajoling her, he tries every trick of the trade to win her heart. However, he doesn’t disclose his background. But Anjali has a promise to keep. She’s made a commitment to her father Shankarappa (Srinivasamurthy) that she will marry the boy of his choice. This doesn’t deter the lover in Ashok from giving up. In due course of time, Anjali’s engagement is fixed with Sharath, the son of Shankarappa’s close friend. The story takes a turn when Appaji Gowda (Ravishankar), her father’s friend, reveals what’s brewing between Ashok and Anjali. Video courtesy-Nirvana Kannada