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Iran prepares for Holy month of Ramadan

For Muslims around the world, the countdown has begun to the holy month of Ramadan. In Iran also the nation is preparing itself for the month if fasting and feasting. The smell of freshly baked traditional Iranian flat bread is always a joy. But if you've been fasting - meaning that you did not eat anything throughout the day - it becomes even more appetizing. Baker's shop's in Iran are the first to adjust themselves with a different routine to make sure fresh bread is available for Iftar - the time when people break their fasts.
And this is probably the first lesson fasting in Ramdan teaches us: Let's not forget those who can't afford to even put some fresh bread on the table. This is how charity becomes an inseparable part of the holy month of Ramadan. So, as restaurants begin their preparations to make sure a traditional soup called "Ashe Reshte" and a kind of porridge called "Halim" will always be ready in time for Iftar, they know that much of it will end up feeding the needy.
Sitting at a table filled with a nice collection of Iranian delicacies is how to end a whole day of abstaining from food an drinks ... after all feats are about enjoying a fine meal...But this is a different kind of feast... it's an opportunity get closer to God... to get spiritual... The ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar - the holy month of Ramadan - is the month of feast for the soul. That's why mosques all over the country prepare to host crowds that come in to refine their hearts and minds.
Ramdan is the time to focus on self-reformation and prayer. It's also a festival of giving and sharing. Some people take the opportunity to recite the entire Quran. Sessions are held in the mosques every night of the month. But the nights of Qadr or the "Nights of Glory" are the special nights almost everyone
 prefers to send praying in the mosques. The most holy nights of the year when the Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad. Ramadan ends with the great feast of Eide Fetr which falls on the first day of the following month, Shavval. But before all that people are waiting for the sightings of the crescent to mark the beginning of Ramadan.courtesy-ardalanhamrah