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The Journey of Indians in Mauritius

The social fabric of Mauritius is premised on a very strong conscious sense of multiculturalism. The Indian Diaspora is a majority in Mauritius and mainly comprises the descendants of the Girmitya's or the indentured labourers who migrated, voluntarily and involuntarily, to Mauritius during the colonial era. In a self-conscious effort to forge an inclusive All Mauritian identity, the Indian Diaspora chooses to call themselves Mauritians and not Indians. However, this hasn't entailed a process of rejection of their ancestral identity and culture but rather a celebration of it by it's integration with Creolean and Chinese cultures. By way of historical reconstruction and a series of conversations with people in Mauritius, descendants of Indians and otherwise, the film explores the socio-cultural, economic and political dynamics that underlie Mauritius' multiculturalism.  Video Courtesy- Indiandiplomacy