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Lage Raho Munna Bhai

In order to meet and impress radio hostess, Jhanvi, Murliprasad alias Munna Bhai, dreaded underworld Don of Bombay, dons the guise of a Gandhian Professor, wins a contest, appears on the radio, has a date with Jhanvi, gets to meet Jhanvi's family, consisting of six elderly gentlemen who live at a palatial house called '2nd Innings', and wins a place in her heart. While Murli, Jhanvi, and the residents go on a trip to Goa, '2nd Innings' is taken over by Lakhbir Singh alias Lucky, who intends to give this away as a dowry gift for his daughter, Simran, when she gets married to Sunny Kkhurana. An enraged Murli is all set to confront Lucky and seize the house back, but decides to do it the Gandhian way - by launching a peaceful Satyagraha in front of Lucky's house in a bid to get him to change his mind. The Satyagraha and a bit of negative radio publicity Lucky does change his mind, organizes a press conference, gets Murli to admit that he has been talking with none other than Mohandas K. Gandhi himself - and as a result makes him look insane and lose all credibility. To make matters worse, Jhanvi finds out the truth about Murli. Watch what Murli and his side-kick, Sarkeshwar alias Circuit, do to get him back in Jhanvi's good books as well as teach the egoistic Lucky some truly Gandhian lessons.2:29:51