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Lucky Kannada Full HD Movie | Yash | Ramya | Sadhu Kokila | Sharan | Arjun Janya

An average tale, the story begins with Lucky (yash) who is constantly trying to get the attention of Gowri (ramya) as he is in love with her. He has a roommate who vacates his room along with another person 420 Anand (sharan) so Lucky has to help them. One day, Lucky gets an interview call for an ad company and he discovers that Gowri is in the same office. He decides to go through complete makeover so that she doesn’t recognize him. He names himself as Vikram and joins the company. After a while he gets close to Gowri and proposes his love to her. However, Gowri reveals she is in love with Lucky. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.Video courtesy-Anand Audio