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Prof S B Hassan interview- MAITEX 2014

UiTV Reporter - What message do you have for Pakistani buyers, when they think of mauritius as a place to business?

Prof S B Hassan - First of all I must thanku for providing me opportunity to speak on this occasion to void our audience. First thing I would like to say is that, this is the first big delegation that's come from Pakistan . Near about 17 people and various industries and businessman and media and this and that. Now the new consolidate has been created of Mauritius and Pakistan in Karachi,that has become very active. I as a person ,when I landed in Mauritius, i felt i was landing in a country which is so green, beautiful and in a kind of environment so attractive. People back in Pakistan would be very much interested in knowing all the different details about Mauritius. We are trying to develop relationship between Pakistan and Mauritius in three different levels .