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Shikari-Full Hindi Movie

The movie story deals with Virendra a business tycoon in Cape Town, South Africa. His sister Rajeshwari, wife Suman and his mother are his only relatives. Virendra's marital life is in apparent discord, since he has never had any relations with Suman. One day, Virendra gets a rival in business world in form of Mahendra Pratap Singh. Mahendra is an Indian spice tycoon wanting to expand his business in South Africa. Virendra is initially wary of Mahendra's expansion plans, but sees the latter's entry as a tool to expand his own business. Unknown to Virendra, Mahendra is actually a well disguised man named Om Srivastav. Om has a bigger agenda than becoming a tycoon. Mahendra & Virendra strike a deal, upon which Virendra is invited to a house in forest for celebration. Once there, Mahendra reveals his true face to Virendra, who is revealed to know Om. Om kills Virendra and covers up his death.Video Courtesy-GoldminesAction