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Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan Hindi Full Movie

Vijay Kumar, a middle class Assistant Commissioner of Police, lives in Mumbai with his wife Suman. Several years after their marriage, Suman gives birth to Suraj who grows up as a spoilt brat. Vijay gets upset and has him enrolled in a far-off boarding school. After some years, Suraj returns home, and is welcomed back by Suman and Vijay. Suraj hates his dad but, with time both father and son reconcile their differences and Suraj gets married to his sweetheart, Radha. Everything seems to look fine but somehow Vijay knows that his son Suraj is living a double life, and is involved in drugs and criminal activities. Vijay, who is now a Commissioner of Police, is in a mid struggling between his duties and responsibilities. Video Courtesy-Shemaroo Movies