Hrithik Roshan

Has opened up about the importance of family, his Favourite cheat meal & the activity he enjoys indulging in during his free time

Bollywood star

Talking about the importance of family in the actor’s life, he said live on Roposo’s show ‘Red Carpet Premiere’: “Family is life. It is what makes me – ME. Family are the people I enjoy my life with and to enjoy that life I go to work.”

“It has got to be "Samosa", and specifically the ones that you get in theatres. It’s amazing how many I can eat at one time,” said the actor.

Signing off, Hrithik shared: “My next film is Fighter. It is starting in November and is directed by Siddharth Anand. Currently I’m prepping for the film and I’m confused & uncertain what can I do with my character. The search is on.”