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Learn more about WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp is the application that makes you get registered through your number and after that, you need the internet to make it work. WhatsApp has also made it possible for its users to use the application on the web as the WhatsApp web. It makes it easy for people to get connected with their phone contacts while using the desktop. People need to keep the internet active on their cell phones while using the Whatsapp on the desktop. Introduction of the Whatsapp web has increased the use and popularity, as people who couldn't use the application through phone, can now get online on it through the web more frequently.

Devices on which WhatsApp web works:

WhatsApp webhttps://heatfeed.com/whatsapp-web/” works on google chrome. Users who use other browsers like Safari and Mozilla Firefox cannot use the WhatsApp on the web. Those users, who use the WhatsApp on the iOS, are unable to use the WhatsApp web because apple does not support the functioning of the WhatsApp on the desktop. And those people who use android and other smartphones like blackberry and Nokia can easily use it.

Method of getting connected to the WhatsApp on the web:

For the proper functioning of the WhatsApp on the web, the people must use the updated version of the WhatsApp. One should also keep updating his application of the WhatsApp by visiting the play store regularly. One has to open the website of the WhatsApp web on google chrome. After that website opens, a scanner appears. You have to scan that QR code, which will appear on the screen. For scanning it, you have to open the WhatsApp web on your cell phone, by clicking its option in the settings of the WhatsApp. After it gets scanned, the WhatsApp will appear on the desktop, which will be the same as the Smartphone.

Advantages of the using WhatsApp through desktop:

Whatsapp can also be used for all those functions which take place through the phone. One can send messages and the speed of typing also increases because of typing on the keypad. Audio and video calls can also take place. Any type and size of the files can be transferred through it and desktop provides more storage capacity to the files as compared to the cell phone. One can also turn on the notification of the new texts and can select the sound of notifications according to his choice.

Beware about your safety:

It is also necessary to take care of your safety while using the WhatsApp on the web. After using the WhatsApp, go to the settings and select the option of the logout and next time you will have to go through the scan again. Other than that do not tick the option of "keep me signed in" while signing in the WhatsApp on the desktop. Keeping it unchecked will make you logged out after five minutes of your leaving Heated. Adopting these measures will save your data to be misused by any other person.