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The organization that oversees cricket in Australia

Cricket Australia

Australia is one of the countries where cricket has reached an incredible level of development. The https://www.in.1xbet.com/ betting platform also features tons of matches of this discipline being played in this part of the world.

A large part of the amazing progress reached by the sport in this country can be attributed to Cricket Australia. This is the entity responsible for organizing everything related to the sport in the nation. It covers domestic and international competition, and also it acts in professional and amateur events when necessary. The 1xBet webpage can be visited by enthusiastic punters in order to wager on the Australian national cricket side.

Establishing the entity

The current Cricket Australia entity can be traced back to 1905. Back then, it was known as the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket. However, prior to that year, there was another organization who performed a similar role. At any moment you can try Indian cricket betting with 1xBet, which can also be used to wager on Australian cricket.

The first organization that tried to take control of the sport in the country appeared in 1892. At that time, three Australian states where the activity was highly popular came together and joined forces. They were:

  • New South Wales;
  • South Australia;
  • and Victoria.

Punters can try cricket betting with 1xBet India on lots of cricket matches being played in those places in Australia. Other states of the country joined the entity a few years later.

Once this Board was established, the structure of the tours taken by the Australian cricket team was formalized. Prior to that, the expenses of these tours were financed by businessmen, companies or even the players themselves. However, one of the first tasks performed by this organization was to centralize the organization of these activities.

Competitions organized by Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia not only is in charge of Test matches played by their national squad. These contests can be wagered by visiting the http://www.in.1xbet.com/mobile betting platform from tablets and smartphones.

There are multiple domestic competitions that are arranged by this entity too. For example, there is the Big Bash League, which is one of the most important cricket championships in this part of the world. There is also the amazing Sheffield Shield, which is seen as one of the most traditional championships.

There are also youth championships organized for both male and female players. All this work has helped Australia to become a true cricket powerhouse, and the 1xBet website can be used to wager on its matches.