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JSON Formatter - Online Utility Changing Web Dimensions

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Structuring data wasn’t easy before the inception of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a human-readable text format used for interchanging and exchanging data between the server and web browser. It is an alternative to XML, which was previously deployed to manage and store the data over the web. However, JSON has been derived from JavaScript, but it also supports all the primary programming languages.

For the ease of users, JSON Formatter has been developed to format the JSON data easily without putting any effort. It shows the data in the tree view and helps navigate the objects presented in the format. The JSON formatter helps to view the text for validation and formatting purposes. The tool has robust features and makes your data formatted in a matter of seconds.

Why Is JSON Preferred Over XML?

Everyone is well-versed that handling and managing programming code is quite difficult; as discussed previously, Json online is known for the best alternative to XML. It is because the format has less wordiness and lighter in weight. Another reason behind the popularity of JSON is that it is easy to edit. If you are looking to edit the JSON code within seconds, you should opt for JSON Formatter online.

Moreover, JSON’s syntax is also quite easier to handle and doesn’t require any effort to understand the objects which contain values within values. The user-interface of the JSON Formatter available online is also quite simple; you won’t have to go through an intricate process for formatting the code.

How JSON Works?

Mainly there are two elements of JSON syntax, and these are arrays and objects. You might know that objects are values and names while the arrays are used for ordering the list of names and values. JSON syntax has some rules that must be followed while writing the code, but sometimes due to short deadlines and other reasons, mistakes are carried out by the programmer.

If you are facing any mistake or error in the code, you must make sure to format and edit it through JSON formatter. There are mistakes regarding the wrong placement of comma and punctuations, and even minor mistakes can be found out through free JSON formatter online.

Bottom Line

JSON Formatter has huge demand among the web users; especially, web developers are always looking out for some of the best tools that they can utilize for the parsing of code. These tools are free to use and have a strict privacy policy regarding user data. So, there’s nothing to be worried about the security of your JSON code. The online free JSON Formatter is secure enough to meet your expectations.

The tool could be easily accessed by entering the search key phrase in the search engines, and it will fetch out the relevant results for you instantly. They also don’t require to register or sign up and allows easy access. Whenever you want to edit your code, you don’t need to format it manually, as the JSON formatter is at your disposal.