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Surprising Uses for Throw Blankets That You've Never Thought of Before


Sometimes a little creativity is all it takes to put a new twist on a classic piece of furniture. When a throw blanket doesn't seem to be doing the job anymore, it might be time to try something different with it!

This article will discuss five creative uses for your throw blankets that you may have never thought of before. From turning them into pet beds to creating cozy reading spaces, this article has something for everyone!

1. Pet Bed

Turning a throw blanket into a pet bed is an easy way to keep your furry friend warm and cozy. Simply lay the blanket out as flat as possible, then fold it in half diagonally. Next, place your pet on top of the folded blanket and roll them up inside it.

Voila! A super-easy pet bed that you can make in minutes. Your dog or cat will be ready to curl up inside of their new blanket bed in no time, which can be especially beneficial for older pets who have a hard time getting around.

2. Reading Nook

This is perfect for an afternoon reading break! Set a comfy, plush chair in front of a table and place one end of the blanket across the back.

Next up, grab a couple of your favorite books and some hot chocolate or tea before curling up on the other end of the blanket. You'll be getting cozy in no time while enjoying a peaceful afternoon.

3. Blanket Fort

With a few sturdy pieces of furniture and your throw blanket, you can turn any room into a fort in no time! Take a tall dresser or bookcase and place it along one wall. Then drape the blanket across the front to create a cute little entryway for your fort. Make sure that the blankets are securely attached to the furniture, so you don't have a repeat of last time.

4. Doorway Curtain

This is perfect if you're looking for a quick way to make your home decor pop. Just tie the blanket around a doorframe and secure it with several strong pieces of double-sided tape. Instant colorful decoration!

5. Bed Canopy

If you've got an extra blanket or two lying around, try making them into a canopy for your bed! Simply tie all of the corners to make them into knots, then hang them from the top of your bed frame. If you need help, there are plenty of instructional videos online that can show you how to make your own canopy.

Now you know five creative uses for throw blankets that you never thought possible! So why not try them out one night when you're bored? You'll be surprised at how much fun you can have with your throw blankets. So don't take them for granted - use them!

An Everlasting Comfort throw blanket is more than just a soft, cozy thing that you can snuggle up with on the couch. It is capable of so much more! And once you discover all these excellent new functionalities for your throw blanket, there's no turning back!

So, what are you waiting for? There's nothing to do now but grab a blanket and get started. You'll be surprised at how many new uses you can find for one simple throw blanket!