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Donald Trump makes me afraid for my family: Actor Aziz Ansari

Indian-origin actor and director Aziz Ansari

Los Angeles, June 28 (UITV)- Indian-origin actor and director Aziz Ansari, the creator of ‘Master of None’ on Netflix, is afraid for his family under a Donald Trump presidency, and has accused the Republican Party presumptive nominee of creating a dangerous environment for American Muslims with his “vitriolic and hate-filled” campaign rhetoric.

The 33-year-old started out by noting that since the shooting deaths of 49 people in Orlando, earlier this month, he has been trying to convince his parents, Muslim immigrants, to stay away from mosques, reported a US magazine.

“Today, with the presidential candidate Donald Trump and other like him spewing hate speech, prejudice is reaching new levels,” Mr. Ansari wrote for New York Times. “It’s visceral, and scary, and it affects how people live, work and pray. It makes me afraid for my family. It also makes no sense.”

Trump’s remarks that Muslim Americans should do more to police their own communities, Ansari wrote, implied “that millions of innocent people are somehow complicit in awful attacks. Not only in this wrongheaded; but it also does nothing to address the real problems posed by terrorist attacks.”

Ansari pointed out that the term “Muslim” is more likely to conjure up images of faceless terrorists than “Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or the kid who left the boy band One Direction.”

Ansari, who was born in South Carolina, said the only clear solution to decreasing terrorism in the U.S. is to keep “military-grade weaponry” out of the hands of suspected terrorists, as well as mentally ill and/or violent people.