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Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP) to donate solar lights in cyclone hit Fiji

VHP banner for the victims

Fiji, April 15 (UITV)- The Vishva Hindu Parishad has announced of donating a thousand solar rechargeable lights to some families of Tauva and Rakiraki. The recent cyclone will cause several destruction in Fiji; many families lost their homes and are even deprived of any assistance being huge in numbers.

However, this lighting up will give a great relief to all the children who for the previous days have seen darkness overshadowing their educational future. This initiative by VHP seems to lighten up the world of these families.

These solar lights will also help them to build up the lost connectivity as it comes with the mobile chargeable option. VHP has been evacuating and rehabilitating the affected from the day of cyclone. It has provided shelter to many people and distributed in excess of 2500 food packets, bottled water, cloths, timber and tins to the victims.

Organisation’s president, Jay Dayal said, “We are currently in discussion with our overseas affiliates in USA to come to Fiji to provide psychological and mental support to the victims.”

The solar light donation seems to be an icing on the cake on their part, as with basic necessities they are bringing light to the darkened world of these victims.